Summary here.

I had company over, so we decided to watch something everyone could tolerate.  Mr. Suspicious had been working his way through old Frasier episodes on Netflix, so we settled on that.

And I have to say, it’s not a bad show.

Well, one complaint. I don’t really like “embarrassment comedy”. You know the kind I mean? The kind where we’re all laughing because the hero is just. so. awkward. That’s me too often, so I’m wincing when everyone else is laughing.

I actually mentioned this during the show.

Me: You know, I feel awful for these guys. They’re just so…

Mike: Gay.

Me: *choke* If you say so.

I wanted to go all social justice crusader on them.  I could have pointed them at the facts, that they each have romantic plotlines with women.  I could have been outraged, calling them out on worn-out stereotypes and cheap jabs.

Probably should have.