Me: Ugh, I have no idea where these afterimages are coming from.  It’s like I looked at something really bright and now I can’t see, but there aren’t any bright lights around.

J: Huh.


Me: I found the light.

J: What?

Me: The light. [Points] The one that gave me afterimages. [Looks up] Ow!

J: [Looks where I’m pointing] Ow!

T: What just happened?

J: The light’s too bright.

Me: That one. [Points] Ow! &$^%!

T: [Looks] Ow!

J: [Looks] Ah! &$^%! Why do you keep doing that!

Me: I don’t know! Just don’t look at it any more!

A: Look at what?

Me: Don’t look at that light! [Points]

A: Ow!

J: Ow!

T: Ow!

Me: *%&# I did it again! And I said don’t look! … No one listens to me.