I pretty much hate these shows. Ancient Aliens is probably the best one in the genre.

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I got sucked in because they interviewed Brian Greene, and I like Brian Greene. I have one of his books.

I mean, he can make relativity feel intuitive. He’s that good. So why did they need a theoretical physicist? So they could handwave away how alien abductees could be abducted without being gone long enough for anyone to notice them missing. It’s relativity, don’t you know.

Sigh. That’s kind of the pattern with these shows, you know? The facts are all fine, and what people see is probably what they saw – except nothing fits together in a way that makes sense.

Here’s another:

Forty-seven percent of Americans believe in UFOs…3.7 million people have experience with an unidentified flying object.

From the show. Here’s the thing. Even in the first episode, Dana Scully believed in UFOs.

Mulder didn’t believe in UFOs. He believed in aliens*.

I’m in that boat. All it takes to make a UFO is ignorance. Don’t know what it is? OK, it’s a UFO.

It will take much more than that to convince me you’ve found an alien.


*okay, I feel like I have to cite this. Fred Clark made this point better than me.