I was just reading this story, about a mother of a first-grader who fractured her finger. The nurse misdiagnosed it because she “wasn’t showing enough pain”. The girl ended up with nerve damage because of this.

Now, I take this kind of thing very seriously. Nurses are supposed to be as professional as doctors, and that goes double for nurses who treat children. Maybe triple for school nurses – it’s not like the kids can go anywhere else.

Since I was angry anyway, I started imagining what I would do if I were the mother. I had a whole speech planned out.

“This kid lost forty pounds with nothing but willpower! He walked off a second-degree, 9 square inch burn! So don’t you dare tell me anything about ‘not showing enough pain’!”*

I got myself more and more outraged over this, to the point where I actually wanted to get up and yell it at someone, except … none of this ever happened to me. It might not have even happened at all, since no one fact-checks these stories. I made the whole thing up.

But the weirdest thing was I was just as upset as if it had.

*The fact that I cast Mr. Suspicious as the kid in this scenario is probably meaningful. He’s the least likely person I know to make up injuries.