Don’t embarrass yourself.

By that I mean, don’t scam, stalk, insult, abuse, troll, or cuss out the good people who comment here.  Your comments will be deleted.

I reserve the right to ban anyone who continues to do any of those things after being warned by a moderator.

If you’re new, your first comment will be moderated until I approve it. It could be a while, but don’t worry, if it doesn’t break the comment policy, I approve it.

I will also [bleep] any [bleeping] [bleeps] who [bleep] here. Your mother-in-law might be reading. My mother-in-law might be reading. Creative alternatives are welcome.

Insta-ban topics!

  • “Hur hur, make me a sandwich”
  • “This is censorship!”
  • “I’ll pray for you (to agree with me)”